Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quotes from Media and Ideology by Croteau

1.         “For those engaged in the promotion of particular ideas, including such diverse groups as politicians, corporate actors, citizen activists, and religious groups, media are among the primary contemporary battlegrounds.”
I think why the author is saying that type of groups named above are Primary contemporary battlegrounds is because these diverse groups are the most popular for the media too attack. For example, the media had a field day when priests of the Catholic Church were caught sexually assaulting little boys, which caused a bad reputation for the Catholic society. One case that I found on Abc news website states that “Former priest Robert Van Handel's 27-page sexual history, which he wrote for a psychologist between 1993 and 1994, details his history of abuse and fantasies of abusing boys age 8 to 11. The document was released as part of a settlement between the Franciscan order of priests and 25 abuse victims.  Because of the media’s embellishment of Catholic priests many people think priests are sexual predators. 

  2.   “Instead of assessing the images and making some judgment about levels of realness, ideological analysis asks what these messages tell us about ourselves and our society.” One example of Ideological Analysis is the disagreement of the Sandy Hook story being false. Some people who think the Sandy Hook story is real would get their sources from news broadcasts and websites such as Abc News. On the other hand, the people who think this story is fake would most likely get their sources from YouTube. An Ideological Analysis looks at where both of the sources come from without being judgmental.

3. “This articulation is accomplished, in large part, by the fact that popular media, particularly television and mass advertising have a tendency to display a remarkably narrow range of behaviors and lifestyles.
 I believe that Mass media is very narrow with the choices of behavioral lifestyles because the networks chose to introduce to the public, such as the nuclear family.  Instead of networks, broadcasting shows that are about an everyday normal family, the networks choose to show television shows that are not the norm, such as TLC’s Sister Wives. Sister Wives is about a polygamist family, which consists of four wives, the husband Cody and their 17 kids.

 1. ( I hope you all enjoy this slide show it basically gives us all the information we are leaning in class.)

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